Our mission is simple; to help you help the homeless. If you want to help the homeless without worrying about how your gifts will be spent, give our tokens instead. Tokens can be used to get inside for the night at City Team International, to purchase clothing and survival gear at Goodwill, food at local food carts, laundry at TPI, and even bikes and parts at Bike Farm!



Tokens are purchased for $1 each and given to the homeless instead of cash.


Tokens are used by the homeless to get inside for the night, purchase clothing, tents, and sleeping bags,  get food, do laundry, and even get their bikes fixed.


We purchase tokens back from vendors, repackages them, and offer them back to the community. Some tokens have been in circulation for over 10 years and over 12,000 tokens have been minted in the last 12 years.

To receive an updated list of businesses accepting tokens text TOKENS to 555888

Lodging: City Team International (5 tokens)

Clothing/Blankets/Tents: Goodwill Thrift

Food: Whiffies Fried Pies, La Pinata Takos, Koi Fusion Kiosk

Laundry: Transition Projects (TPI)

Trimet: JOIN

Bike Parts: Bike Farm


GiveTokens.org is a 501c3 (our IRS tax ID is 56-2351751) that’s been helping the community help the homeless since May of 2003. In addition to helping people give without barriers, we have a weekly BBQ that’s been going for 675 consecutive Wednesday nights. Since 2003 over 12,000 tokens have been minted, redeemed, and reentered into the community. Tokens cost $1 each and while their values vary, depending on location, are always worth at least $1.

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